Service and Quality aren't just buzz-words for us.
We hold our products and our industry to a higher standard


Reinvesting in Development

We are committed to growing the Aftermarket Appliance Parts industry by developing a product line that is the highest quality and relevant to our customer base.

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Inbox Insider Service Edition

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Core Collector

Old control boards and timers are often disposed of improperly, help us preserve the environment by recycling old cores for remanufacturing.

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Why choose Exact Replacement Parts?

We're serious about the Quality of our Parts

We make sure that every part we sell can hold up in a head-to-head competition with its OEM alternative. Next time you're looking for an Appliance Part, ask for the ERP alternative and experience our quality first hand.

Best Customer Service Around

Our high standards don't end with our replacement parts. Our team works hard to provide the best customer service possible. We pride ourselves in embracing emerging customer service technology, while maintaining backwards compatibility with our customers.

Sometimes you've got to do more than just copy

Not only are our parts more economical for your wallet than the OEM's, but we also strive to make them more convenient when possible. We're trying to help our distributors, and the end-user Service Professional, from having to stock shelf upon shelf of almost identical parts. Where possible, we've made good headway in creating universal or assembly parts that make it easier to store, sell, and keep in inventory on your repair truck.

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We know appliances just don't disappear

Often times repair parts are discontinued by the OEM in as little as six-months after they stop selling the appliance. Without the support of companies like us, it would be difficult to find the proper repair part for your appliance. We maintain an extensive catalog of parts that are 'No Longer Available from the OEM'. By maintaining these parts, we help keep appliances running longer, and in some cases, more efficiently.

It's all about you

Unlike the OEM, our only focus is on providing quality replacement appliance parts. Because of this, we spend extra attention on feedback we receive from our customers. Letting us know what parts you use and how they work are key to us providing you with a quality aftermarket alternative. This feedback and our Inbox Insider are two keys to what makes our products so successful and useful.

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